Will I be charged extra or have an extra fee if I use a Travel Agent?

Here at Got A Dream Vacations we DO NOT charge any extra fees. We feel that we all work hard for our money and if we wouldn't want to be charged, we wouldn't charge you.

Many resorts have price parity, the cost is same whether you book through us, direct with the resort, or with an online booking engine.

The difference between using a travel agent is that we help you plan a stress-free vacation without the hassle of going it alone.

How Do I pay for my Vacation?

We accept major credit cards.


Do I have to pay you up front for my vacation?

Maybe. The deposit requirements are set by the resorts and the tour operators we book through. Deposit rates vary based on the resort or package you select, and the time you are traveling.

Most vacation packages require that you pay the balance anywhere from 90 days to 30 days prior to your arrival. That payment is made directly to the supplier.

If a reservation is made within the final payment dates then the full payment is due at time of booking.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

We always recommend travel insurance, as it protects your travel investment, health, belongings and vacation memories before and during your vacation. Most travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation, interruption or delays, medical, emergency medical transportation, lost luggage, missed connections, itinerary changes and more.

Do I have to pick from the vacations I see on your website?

Absolutely not. We can customize anything you see on this website or provide you with a one-of-a-kind travel experience based on your unique needs, interest, and budget. We love to take our time getting to know you and your travel dreams. We then take that information, add in our extensive experiences, and provide you with a vacation that will exceed your expectations. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

What kind of documentation do I need to travel?

Before you may board a flight, all passengers 18 years of age and older are required to present photo ID issued by a government authority (example: real ID drivers license or passport). If you don’t have either of those, please consult directly with the airline for alternatives. If you are traveling outside of the United States, all passengers are required to have a passport and in some cases a VISA may be required.


Do I need to reconfirm my flights before I leave?

It isn’t mandatory, but we highly encourage you to do so. Airlines regularly alter their schedules or change their flight numbers. We make every attempt to contact you when there is a change; however there are rare occasions when we are not correctly notified by the airlines that a change has occurred. Reconfirmation helps to detect a problem before you arrive at the airport. We recommend that you contact us or check with the airline directly 24-72 hours prior to departure.


Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are available to answer your questions.